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10 Excellent Broker Questions
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$495 Low sign up fee which includes:

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  • a $90 sign up fee

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who pays for signs and cards?
A: Each individual agent is responsible for their own costs.

Q: Where do I get my cards and signs?
A: We provide a “Service Providers” list that informs you of who we utilize for services.

Q: Do you have artwork?
A: Yes and we provide you our logos.

Q: Do you have a web site?
A: Yes and it’s an interactive site, with IDX.

Q: How soon do we get paid?
A: Immediately after close of escrow.

Q: Do you have training?
A: Yes, we continually send out emails to our agents, with updates, changes and new pertinent info. We also schedule regular trainings for more detailed education.

Q: Who pays General Excise Tax?
A: Each agent is responsible for their own GET.

Q: Are you a franchise.
A: Absolutely not!

10 Excellent Broker Questions

Choosing which Broker you will have a working relationship can be an exhaustive task. It’s never a good idea to rush into any relationship. You should interview as many Brokers as you can. Go prepared, have your questions written down and take notes. Remember, the Brokers job is to close the deal and sign you up. Don’t ever subject your self to undue pressure.

Here are some great interviewing questions to ask any Office Broker you are planning to interview:

  1. What is the office policy regarding releasing my commission check?
  2. Do you utilize electronic signatures and electronic transaction management? If so, what kind of training will you offer me?
  3. Is there any rollback of my commission yearly or for lack of productivity? If so, what is the rollback. Is this covered in the policy and procedure manual?
  4. What are the total monthly, quarterly or yearly fees to be associated with your office? Are there franchise fees? Is the franchise fee taken off the top, thus reducing my split? What is the history of fees being increased.
  5. How much will my commission split be?
  6. How much is Errors and Omissions Insurance? Per transaction, per year or per month? How much is the deductible on the Errors and Omission Insurance?
  7. Will my closing file get audited by a broker prior to close so I can get paid in a timely manner? Is the broker file paper or digital? What is the procedure?
  8. Are floor time, office meetings and office caravans mandatory or voluntary?
  9. Does the Broker In Charge or Principal Broker compete with the agents in the office?
  10. How much time should I expect to elapse before the BIC or PB can review offers and listings, respond to questions and review my transaction file?

Click here to download as a PFD: 10-Broker-Questions.


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